25 May 2008

Give and Take

Yesterday morning I was desperately reading every article in the paper in an attempt to find something to blog about from the media. Somehow, nothing in the media has managed to raise my hackles in the past few days. When I didn’t find anything in the newspaper, I decided to focus on an issue that has saturated the media for the past several years: conservation, going green and protecting the environment. I was planning to take a look at how large businesses waste huge amounts energy. Companies leave lights and computers on over night all the time. Grocery stores have countless displays of products that need refrigeration but are not enclosed. Before I could get that blog written, though, I heard NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I should have known that show would provide me with plenty of fodder for today’s blog.

First of all, we must arm ourselves to protect those holiest of men: Ben and Jerry. GWB’s bioethics council recently gave him a report discussing man’s dignity. A Mr. Leon Kass suggested, no he outright stated, that eating an ice cream cone is undignified. Well, Mr. Kass, ice cream cones are one of my favorite indulgences, and I consider Ben and Jerry holy men for their creation of their phenomenally delicious ice cream. If you are suggesting that I cease and desist my enjoyment of ice cream cones, well then you’re just nuts. And if you for one moment think the world is going to support you in taking out Ben and Jerry then you’re beyond nuts. Say this to any woman who has spent many an enjoyable evening watching a favorite sappy movie with those never complaining men (who are so few and far between) Ben and Jerry and you’ll be lucky to walk away wholly intact. Say it to a woman in the act of enjoying a movie with Ben and Jerry and you can be sure to walk away less of a man.



Secondly, sexism in video games is finally proven. A video game for use in the urinal where you can drive a car, blast aliens in outer space or guide a skiier down a slope by targeting sensors placed around the inside of the toilet bowl. If you ever thought that video games were designed for males, then this game will definitely prove your point. Though the designers claim women can participate using a special paper cone, it is beyond obvious that the game was designed for men. Men, who only need one more reason to waste countless hours in their two favorite hobbies: videogames and playing with themselves.


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