20 May 2008

Just One

I happened to catch the first part of this morning's On Point on VPR. Tom Ashbrook was hosting a discussion of the California Supreme Court's recent decision supporting Gay Marriage. One of the many guests this morning was Brian Brown. Mr. Brown is the executive director for the California chapter of the National Organization for Marriage. Mr. Brown is against Gay Marriage. Mr. Brown is a moron.

Mr. Brown was only on the show for a few minutes, but it was long enough to illustrate just how much of a moron he was. First of all, he started by ranting about how activist judges are a huge problem. Then he stated that the California Supreme Court decision was just another example of how an activist judge can have a huge effect. He said, and I quote, "One judge forced this decision on California. One Judge." One judge? Really? One person formed the majority decision in this case? Funny thing, I heard it was a 4-3 decision, which means there were 4 (four) judges in the majority opinion. I know it's been a long time since I was in a formal math class, but I'm pretty sure 1 and 4 are different. Quite a bit different.

Perhaps I'm just latching onto nothing here, but that statement, that one statement, really pissed me off. Granted, most of what he was saying pissed me off. But, that one, that's the one that set me off. I don't often talk to the radio, there really isn't much point. But after I heard Mr. Brown's One Judge statement, I sat there fuming. WTF?!? I yelled. W. T. F. Do you even know what you are talking about? There were 4 judges forming the majority opinion, please tell me exactly which one of them is the One Judge. I'd also like to know what he'd be saying if it had been a 4-3 decision against Gay Marriage. Would he be standing there claiming it was One Judge who made the decision. No, I'm pretty sure he'd be standing there saying these are 4 terrific judges who really know what they're talking about and he's really glad they made the right decision.

And that's the other thing. We're talking about the California Supreme Court. Did you miss those two little words? Supreme. Court. I think that kinda means it's an important court, and those are important people. They're also probably pretty smart. Somehow I don't think it quite appropriate for some moron who can't even count to go around telling these 4 Supreme Court Justices that they made the wrong decision. I know they're only human, but still. It's not for Joe Schmoe to be telling a Supreme Court Justice that he was wrong.

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